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Free Fonts

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Molly has scoured the free font websites and curated this awesome list of 12 free fonts for commercial use - free to download. The links to download these fonts are below. 

This font collection is compiled of display, script, sans, and sans serif font faces. Perfect for any kind of project! 

12 Free Fonts For Commercial Use Display Board

Each of these fonts were hand selected by me because I love how unique each of these fonts are. I think they would look fantastic alone, or with a brand identity set. They would also look great incorporated into other branding elements like flyers, social media marketing, email marketing, presentations, etc. If you use any of these fonts, please tag me and share your project on Instagram or Facebook.

12 Free Fonts Collection

*Disclaimer: I have researched all fonts, and at the time of posting this, these fonts are all free for commercial use. Please read the licensing and terms and conditions of each font before you download them to ensure that you are complying to ethical use.

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