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Create a Color Palette

Branding all starts with research, strategy, creating concepts, and choosing colors that will represent your voice and message in the most unique and immersive ways. 

Get started by creating a color palette. And there are a few ways that will speed up the process to choose a palette, because believe me - I can look at colors all day.

Start here with tools that I love

Adobe Color Palette Generator

Adobe Colors

Adobe Colors is so great for generating stunning color palettes, offering so many ways to really refine a palette. Create a palette from scratch with the color wheel, extract a color palette from an image, or explore premade and trending palettes.


Create the perfect palette, or stay inspired with the various palettes to choose from. Once you get the hang of it, the user interface of Coolors is super easy. Adobe Color and Coolors are at the top of my list for creating customized palettes.

Coolors Color Palette Generator
Canva color palette generator


Who doesn't love all things Canva? The color palette generator on Canva also allows the capability to create a palette from an image. Or take a dive and explore their hundreds of premade palettes for inspiration.


Pinterest. Probably the GOAT of all the tools, as it gives true to life examples of color palettes, branded palettes, fonts, logos, you name it - you can find it. I love Pinterest for all things inspiration and creativity. 

Pinterest Color Palettes
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