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The Brand Strategy Guide You Didn't Know You Needed

This guide, created in Canva, will help you navigate all the necessary steps to transform your business into a flourishing brand so you can attract the ideal clients you've always wanted.. 

Watch this quick 4 minute video where I walk you through the guide so you can see all the good stuff.

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Molly sitting with her laptop in her living room

I already have a logo. Why do I need strategy?

Use strategies to develop your brand's persona and add that humanized touch to your brand to make it authentic.

You'll get a look into how to create a brand mission and why its important for every business.

Understand where you fit in your target market to position your brand in the right ways and attract the right leads so you don't have to show up everywhere.

Sound overwhelming and overly complicated? But I promise, once it's finished, you'll be so fulfilled. 

In case you're just scrolling through....

Here's what you get. . . 

A complete guide packed with insights and insider knowledge about starting your brand from the ground up. 

4 Bonus sheets to help you brain dump all your ideas and notes. Plus, a brand inspo boards for collecting all the elements for your logo.

Print this guide out or keep it in Canva. 

Brand Strategy Guide

Hey, I'm Molly

I'm a mom to a little boy, wife, Brand Identity and Graphic Designer, plus, the biggest fan of small business. 

After I finished my degree program last year, I decided I didn't want to be stuck in a 9-5 working for someone else. So, I started my own business full-time after dabbling in freelance the last few years while I was in college.

I am beyond passionate about creativity and graphic design. I found that I love the whole process of creating brands and eye-catching graphics for women entrepreneurs. 

Molly standing with her laptop
Fast forward... and now I help women-owned small businesses and startups build a loyal, authentic brand experience through strategic and visual branding to help them grow an engaged community that is ready to purchase their products or services.

Grab your guide here

Get the brand strategy guide
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