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Get to Know the Designer Brining Your Biz Story to Life


I'm a mom to a little boy, a wife, Brand Identity and Graphic Designer, plus, the biggest fan of small business.

After I finished my degree program, I decided I didn't want to be stuck in a 9-5 working for someone else. So, I started my own business full-time after dabbling in freelance the last few years while I was in college.

I found that I love the whole process of creating brands and scroll-stopping visuals.

I thrive on the success of clients that love working on their business and the new found satisfaction/clarity they acquire when their creativity and brand is stable and cohesive.

meet Molly

Fast forward... and now I help women-owned small businesses and startups create a loyal, authentic brand experience through strategic and elegant visual branding to help them grow an engaged community that is ready to purchase their products or services.

And... we don't just collaborate, we go on a journey together. I am constantly inspired by women entrepreneurs who have taken me on their business journey with them and share how their business got started and how they got into it. 

When designing a brand identity, I use this journey and inspiration to guide you into creating a new visual brand identity that is led by your vision combined with my strategy and a passion for unique creativity. 

I have helped a variety of clients all across the U.S. in different industries and look forward to keep on collaboraing so many more!  

a few things i love

  • a good thunderstorm

  • coffee and lots of it

  • being outside is my happy place

  • gardening - flowers and veggies

  • my houseplant collection

  • animals - all kinds. I have two dogs, one cat, and 4 chickens.

  • drawing and taking pictures 

  • hanging out with my family

A sunset in southeast New Mexico

join me on my design journey

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